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Extended Stay (Swing Bed)

Rangely District Hospital's Long-Term Care Facility

Rangely Hospital’s long-term care facility has 14 beds.

Overall we have a very broad spectrum of patients types and ultimately we have patients that can no longer care for themselves. Most of them have limited mobility and need assistance with normal ADLs.  

When is the right time for someone to consider long-term care?

This is a difficult question to answer, the time looks different for every individual and our Director of Nursing is always happy to give a brief tour or have a personal conversation about the situation you or your loved one is currently in.  The best time to consider long term care is before you actually need it, this way you have time to ask questions and sort out finances.

How can patients schedule a visit of the facility? 

They can reach out to Makensie Boulger, our Director of Nursing at 970-675-4227 or Paulo Fernandez at 970-675-4224

What amenities are offered at the facility? 

We have a beautiful enclosed patio that the residents can utilize at any time.  We offer on site, clinic visits, dental visits, mental health support, hair appointments.  We have an activities program and our Activities Director is very creative with activities, in order to get patients involved.

What is the long-term care staff consist of?

We have a staff of one RN or LPN along with three nurse aides. We have one doctor who is available is anything is needed. We also offer physical therapy and speech therapy.

What does staff love the most about the long-term care patients? 

Our favorite part about Long Term patients are that they get to stay with us for an extended period of time, we get to know them on a personal level.  Most staff members here consider it a privilege and honor to help people at a very vulnerable time in their lives.

Why would you recommend RDH as a long-term care option?

Because we get to know our residents so well we love to ensure they are very well taken care of. Most facilities have one aide to 10-15 patients. We have three aides that take care of 14. They get a lot of attention and we ensure their needs are met. 

What makes RDH long-term care so special?

We have a family like atmosphere, this is easy to create when you are taking care of people you have known previous to their moving into our facility.  We often see residents a few times for rehab, we help them go home or to assisted living a few times prior to them admitting to long term care.   

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